French intelligence says Gaza hospital 'probably' hit by Palestinian rocket

On Macron's orders, the DRM military agency released a report on the attack and assured that there is no evidence to blame Israel for it.

This Friday, the French Directorate of Military Intelligence (DRM) stated that the most likely hypothesis for the explosion at the Al Ahli Baptist Hospital in Gaza is that a Palestinian rocket, weighing about 5 kilos, broke apart, hitting the health center.

According to the agency, the characteristics of the explosion and the damage generated at the Gaza hospital do not match the typical Israeli airstrike that usually creates large craters and significant structural damage against specifically targeted buildings.

The DRM explained that, instead of a crater, they found holes approximately one meter by 75 centimeters and 30 to 40 centimeters deep.

"It takes about five kilograms of explosives to produce this effect, certainly less than 10 kilograms," the agency said, detailing that the minimum load of Israel's weapons is much higher.

"There is nothing that allows us to say that it is an Israeli strike but the most likely [scenario] is a Palestinian rocket that had a firing incident," a senior French military official told the media on condition of anonymity.

The DRM, which does not usually make its reports public, released its findings by order of French President Emmanuel Macron, amid a strong controversy to determine what exactly happened at the hospital in Gaza.

The intelligence agency did not give an approximate number of victims but did note that the death toll is likely much lower than the 471 announced by Hamas.

At first, with no evidence to back their claims, Hamas accused Israel of attacking the health center and the vast majority of international media accepted that version. However, as the hours passed, the IDF and several independent sources revealed evidence showing that the impact occurred from a failed launch from the Gaza Strip itself.