Florida: Authorities identify woman's body found in alligator's jaws

Pinellas County deputies killed the 14-foot-long alligator so they could recover the body, which belonged to a homeless woman.

Authorities in Pinellas County, Florida, received calls that an alligator was walking through a residential area of ​​the county. It appeared to be carrying a human corpse in its jaws.

The authorities responded to emergency calls in Largo and began searching the area. They found a good-sized crocodile, which they shot down and removed from the local swamp.

Along with the reptile, Pinellas County sheriff's deputies recovered the body of a lifeless woman. This Sunday, the woman was identified as 41-year-old Sabrina Peckham. According to local media reports, Peckham was arrested a few months earlier for trespassing on county property.

Peckham was homeless, according to the New York Post, and the place where she was arrested in July is just half a mile from the place where the alligator carrying her body was found. According to the Post, county authorities released her on September 8 after fining her $500.

Although the woman was found in the alligator's jaws, police are still investigating the details surrounding her death, specifically whether she was killed by the gator. The New York Post spoke to Peckham's daughter. According to Dorris Peckham, her mother often stayed up late in the woods. Dorris claimed that the alligator could have attacked her mother while she was walking to or from her campsite.