Five of the world's 10 richest cities are in the United States

New York leads the ranking, followed by Tokyo, San Francisco, London and Singapore. The other U.S. cities on the list are Los Angeles, Chicago and Houston.

Henley & Partners annually compiles a list of the 20 richest cities in the world. These include six U.S. cities, five of which are in the top ten. The criterion they use is the wealth of its inhabitants, with data provided by New World Wealth. Thus, the list of the top 20 cities is as follows:

  1. New York (United States)
  2. Tokyo (Japan)
  3. San Francisco (United States)
  4. London (United Kingdom of Great Britain)
  5. Singapore (Singapore)
  6. Los Angeles & Malibu (United States)
  7. Chicago (United States)
  8. Houston (United States)
  9. Beijing (China)
  10. Shanghai (Shanghai)
  11. Sydney (Australia)
  12. Hong Kong (China)
  13. Frankfurt (Germany)
  14. Toronto (Canada)
  15. Zurich (Switzerland)
  16. Seoul (South Korea)
  17. Melbourne (Australia)
  18. Dallas & Fort Worth (United States)
  19. Geneva (Switzerland)
  20. Paris (France)

Two Texas cities

It so happens that the state of Texas contributes two of the 20 cities, since Houston, which ranks eighth on the list, is joined by Dallas & Fort Worth, which is ten places lower, just above Geneva and Paris.

New York is home to 345,000 millionaires, according to the report. That includes 737 individuals with a net worth of $100 million or more, and 59 billionaires. The wealth in the city exceeds $3 trillion.

There are more billionaires in San Francisco than in New York: 62 people who have $1 billion in net worth, or more. There are 623 people with a net worth of 100 million or more, and in total 276,400 millionaires. San Francisco includes Silicon Valley. In the other Californian city on the list, Los Angeles, there are 192,400 millionaires, and 28 of them have a net worth exceeding one billion.

If we consider only billionaires, Chicago, home to 35 Fortune 500 companies, has 28, Houston has 25 and Dallas has 18. On the other hand, the number of citizens whose net worth exceeds one million is 160,100 in Chicago, 132,600 in Houston and 92,300 in Dallas.

The fastest growing cities

Texas again takes center stage in another aspect of the report: of U.S. cities, Austin is the fastest growing city. Other American cities in this category include West Palm Beach (Florida), Houston (Texas), Greenwich (Connecticut), and Miami (Florida).

The world's fastest growing cities in terms of wealth are led by Riyadh (Saudi Arabia), Sharjah (United Arab Emirates), Lusaka (Zambia), Dubai (UAE), Luanda (Angola), Abu Dhabi (UAE), Lagos (Nigeria), Austin (United States), Doha (Qatar) and Hangzhou (China).