Facebook censors posts with the Christian message: "Jesus died so you could live"

Journalist Billy Hallowell revealed that the social network deleted his post with religious content claiming that it was "hate speech."

Facebook censored a post with a Christian message. Journalist Billy Hallowell revealed that the social network deleted a post published on April 2 in which he stated that "Jesus died so you could live."

The censorship surprised the writer, but the reason that the platform owned by Meta claimed to remove the message truly shocked him: they accused him of violating Facebook community standards by posting "hate speech."

Facebook continues to censor Hallowell's post

The journalist gave a firsthand account of his experience in The Washington Times. As he explained, he published the message on April 2, just before Easter. However, the social network took more than a month to censor the content. After detecting it, it was quick to remove the post, assuring that its "community standards" are intended to ensure that everyone feels "safe, respected and welcome."

However, those were not Hallowell's feelings about the censorship, which also came with the warning: "If your content goes against our Community Standards again, your account may be restricted or disabled."

Despite this, the social network offered him the opportunity to appeal the decision. He did, but it has not been successful. The post remains deleted and the moderators won't seem to budge.

That was the end of the discussion with Facebook, which did not allow Hallowell to appeal again and permanently removed his post from the social network, again on the grounds that this message is deemed "hate speech."