Eric Schwerin, Hunter Biden's former business partner, visited the White House more than 30 times during the Obama administration

Although it was already known that Schwerin went to the presidential residence several times, a new report shows that there were more visits than previously thought.

A new report reveals that Hunter Biden's former business partner, Eric Schwerin, went to the White House and vice presidential residence more than 30 times when Joe Biden was Barack Obama's second-in-command.

Although it was already public knowledge that Schwerin went several times to the presidential and vice presidential residence between 2009 and 2016, a report published on Monday by Fox News Digital points out that there are records of at least 36 visits by Hunter Biden's former business partner.

Also, the new information highlights that the number may be much higher, as there are exceptions to the White House's voluntary guest disclosure policies, meaning that some of the meetings may not be in the records that have been released.

"The White House will not release access records related to purely personal guests of the first and second families (i.e., visits that do not involve any official or political business)," the exception on the Obama administration's website states.

The visits

According to the new report, the first documented visit by Hunter's former partner to the White House was in October 2009 with Evan Ryan, wife of Antony Blinken, current White House cabinet secretary.

Multiple meetings followed, including one in November 2010 with Joe Biden in the West Wing. The report notes that on at least 15 occasions Eric Schwerin went to Joe Biden's residence for holiday receptions, including the Dec. 12, 2015, holiday event that took place a few days after a trip by the then-vice president to Ukraine, where he threatened to withhold $1 billion in aid if the country did not fire its top prosecutor.

The records also show Hunter Biden's former associate's attendance at a reception attended by Rosemont Seneca co-founder Devon Archer, Hunter Biden and Sebastian Momtazi, an associate of Archer's. It is now known that Schwerin visited several of Biden's aides during Obama's tenure and met in 2016 with Steve Ricchetti, Biden's chief of staff at the time. That same year also shows three other meetings between Schwerin and Biden's office staff members.

Despite those and other meetings the now-president apparently had with Schwerin, Joe Biden continues to deny any knowledge of his son's business dealings.