Enrique Iglesias announces he will no longer be releasing albums

The Spanish singer will release “Final. Vol. 2” in February, which will be his last album. However, he is not retiring since, he assured, he will continue releasing singles.

Enrique Iglesias announced that he will not release any more albums. The Spanish singer will release "Final. Vol. 2," which will be his eleventh studio album and, more importantly, the last one he will release in his career as a musical artist:

It’s finished. It’s actually coming out in February. It’s completely finished. What I want to do is shoot one or two videos right before the second leg on the tour and launch it. I’ve been working on this album for quite a bunch of years. And for me it was always like I said, my final album... this is it. I don’t think — no, I know, I won’t be doing any more albums.

However, he is not retiring. As he assured in statements collected by Today.com, he will continue releasing singles and, therefore, stay in the music scene, thus continuing with his summer tradition:

I'm never going to stop writing songs, because I love writing songs, but I'm going to do it in a different way, which means they don't necessarily have to be packaged as an album, so this project for me is important.

Enrique Iglesias on tour with Pitbull and Ricky Martin

The eldest son of singer Julio Iglesias will not give up touring either. He is currently on "The Trilogy Tour," a series of shows with Ricky Martin and Pitbull, which will end just in time to launch "Final. Vol. 2."

And it seems that despite not giving up producing new albums, touring will continue to a major part of his life since. He explained that the connection with his fans is, for him, very important and something he has enjoyed "since day one":

I used to get people that I didn’t know from the audience... up on stage, security goes crazy and it drives them insane. I’ve always done that since day one. I think when you write a song, something that’s very personal, if you could be serenading one person that has so much emotions going through their mind and so happy to be next to you, you’re singing a song they like, it’s just magical.