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Germany: Woman convicted of insulting the rapists of a 15-year-old girl

An investigation was launched against at least 140 other people for threats made on the internet against the subjects.

The accused are with their lawyers(Screenshot YouTube SAT.1 REGIONAL)

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A young woman in Hamburg, Germany, was convicted for what a court deemed hateful insults online against the rapists of a 15-year-old. The woman called the man a "dishonorable rapist pig" and a "disgusting monster." In addition, according to the prosecution, the defendant threatened one of the suspects that he would not be able to go anywhere without being assaulted.

The case dates back to the trial of a 15-year-old girl who was raped by nine young men, several of them immigrants. In November 2023, a court ruled against ten defendants who had to answer for the rape before the Hamburg district court.

"The district court sentenced four other youths to sentences of between one and two years with preliminary probation. This means that the court will only decide whether to execute the imposed juvenile sentence after six months, to await the development of these defendants. All sentences with probation or pretrial release were accompanied by conditions and instructions. These verdicts are not yet final after the defendants or their defense attorneys have filed an appeal," explained local newspaper Hamburger Abendblatt.

After learning of the rape of the minor, Maja R. (name changed) was horrified by the events and therefore, she claimed, made the posts about one of the accused. Maja R. now said that she regrets having acted in such a way.

"The suspect's cellphone number was circulating at the time on the Snapchat messaging service, the 20-year-old claims. 'Without a second thought,' she vented her anger because she thought he deserved it. She regrets what she did," Hamburger Abendblatt said.

As a consequence of her actions, the judge sentenced her to recreational arrest under the juvenile law. Hamburger Abendblatt explained that "Maja R. has to spend a weekend, i.e. from Friday night until Sunday night, in a juvenile detention center. The usual 48 hours a prisoner spends there are scheduled so that she can return to school or work on Monday."

Maja R.'s case is not the only one of this type. It was also learned that an investigation was launched against at least 140 other people who allegedly made death threats and racist statements on the internet.