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Africa: Vice President of Malawi, Saulos Chilima, dies in a plane crash

The plane the politician was traveling in along with nine other people disappeared after failing to land at the Mzuzu international airport.

El restituido vicepresidente de Malaui, Saulos Chilima, habla en una rueda de prensa en su residencia privada de Lilongüe el 5 de febrero de 2020 tras la decisión del Tribunal Constitucional de Lilongüe, el 3 de febrero de 2020, de anular los resultados presidenciales de las elecciones tripartitas del 21 de mayo de 2019.

(Amos Gumulira / AFP)

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The vice president of Malawi (a country in southeast Africa), Saulos Chilima, recently died in a plane crash as reported this Tuesday by the country's president, Dr. Lazarus Chakwera:

The plane disappeared while en route to Mzuzu airport in Malawi

Nine other people were traveling with Chilima. All of them died after the plane heading to Mzuzu airport disappeared without a trace. This caused an investigation to be initiated so that the Malawi Defense Forces could locate the aircraft that, according to Chakwera in statements collected by CNN, they found this Tuesday:

The search and rescue operation I ordered to find the missing plane that carried our vice president and nine others has been completed. The plane has been found. And I am deeply saddened and sorry to inform you that it has turned out to be a terrible tragedy.

The aircraft, explained the president of Malawi, was found "completely destroyed" in the Chikangawa forest: "Words cannot describe how heartbreaking this is," he added while announcing the rest of the victims.

Other individuals in the plane were Lucas Kapheni, Chisomo Chimaneni, Shanil Dzimbiri, Dan Kanyemba, Abdul Lapukeni, Colonel Sambalopa, Major Selemani and Major Aidin, whom the president described as great men and women of the nation and their death is a great loss to the people of Malawi. Chakwera extended his heartfelt appreciation to the Malawi Defence Force and all parties involved in the search and rescue mission. He also extended his gratitude to all former Heads of State for the support they have pledged during these trying times.