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Slovenia is the latest country in the European Union to recognize the Palestinian State

Prime Minister Robert Golob claimed the decision is a "message of peace" that "sends hope to the West Bank and Gaza."

El primer ministro de Eslovenia, Robert Golob.

Robert Golob (AFP)

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Slovenia became the last European Union (EU) country to recognize the Palestinian state. After the majority of Parliament approved the decision, Slovenian Prime Minister Robert Golob announced the news. Slovenia joins other nations in the EU such as Norway, Spain and Ireland, which also recognize the Palestinian State.

"Today's recognition of Palestine as a sovereign and independent State sends hope to the Palestinian people in the West Bank and Gaza," Golob said. "The message of peace that we send today from this House is a message of peace to all the moderate people of Israel, to all the people of Palestine, that they have not been forgotten because the peace agreement is for them."

"A two-state solution means first the right to self-determination of Israel and the right to self-determination of Palestine, and only then can such a solution be implemented. Only when two peoples are at the negotiating table on an equal footing as two independent States, is a common solution possible," said the Prime Minister of Slovenia.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Tanja Fajon, similar to Golob, ensured that this recognition is a reflection of Slovenia's "commitment to peace and justice":

Until this moment, Slovenia did not officially recognize the Palestinian State, but it did have diplomatic offices in the region.