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Israel is prepared to launch attacks in Iran if Tehran directly responds to consulate bombing in Damascus

This was reported by the Saudi newspaper Elaph which cited Western government officials. Other CNN sources believe that while the Islamist regime is unlikely to initiate direct attacks, its proxies may be willing to take action.

Esta foto de distribución proporcionada por las Fuerzas Terrestres del Cuerpo de la Guardia Revolucionaria Islámica (CGRI) de Irán el 18 de octubre de 2022 muestra a soldados participando en un ejercicio militar en la región noroccidental de Aras, junto a las fronteras de Armenia y Azerbaiyán. (Fotografía del Cuerpo de la Guardia Revolucionaria Islámica de Irán)


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Several Arab media outlets reported this week that Israel is prepared to launch attacks in Iran if Iran tries to get revenge for the death of Mohammad Reza Zahedi, who was killed in the attack on the consulate in Damascus.

The Saudi newspaper Elaph, based in London, cited sources reporting this scenario. According to the sources, several high-ranking Western government officials believe that Israel would take severe measures in response to any actions by Iran. They believe Israel would draw the line if Iran's government directly initiated an attack, instead of terrorist groups affiliated with the Islamist regime.

Elaph sources claimed that "in recent days, Israel has carried out air force exercises in which it prepares to attack Iranian nuclear facilities and other key infrastructure." Following these leaks, CNN added that anonymous U.S. intelligence sources believe that an Iranian attack will not take place. According to CNN's sources, Iran is too afraid of a major response from Israel which would be backed with American support.

Therefore, instead of taking action directly, Tehran is more likely to hit Israel through its proxies, as it has been doing since the start of the war in Gaza. It is likely that the Houthis will put more pressure on Israel in the coming days, or that some Islamist faction in Iraq will carry out the attack instead of Iran.

The alert remains in effect

The Israeli government is on alert after the Iranian Islamist regime has promised to get revenge. It is very possible that Iran will respond. After Mohammad Reza Zahedi was killed in an airstrike against the Iranian consulate in Damascus, the Islamist regime put the events in Damascus at the center of its public agenda. Several days of national mourning were declared. Several of the highest officials of the Iranian government made appearances, including Ayatollah Khamenei.

Zahedi oversaw the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps' Quds Force operations in Syria and Lebanon. He is the highest-ranking Iranian forces officer in both countries. His death marked one of Israel's most violent actions beyond its borders aimed at impacting Iran in recent years.

The Israeli government did not officially claim responsibility for the airstrike that hit the consulate in Damascus. Despite this, several Israeli sources cited by the New York Times confirmed that Israel was responsible. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu also alluded to the attack last Thursday, stating that "Iran has been acting against us for years, both directly and via its proxies. And, therefore, Israel acts against Iran and its proxies - defensively and offensively."