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France: Gynecologist accused of transphobia for refusing to treat a man

The doctor declared himself unfit to treat a biological male, no matter how much he feels like a woman.

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There is controversy in France after a gynecologist refused to treat a trans biological male who came to his clinic for treatment.

Irritated by the clinic's refusal, the man's partner left a negative comment via Google accusing the doctor of transphobia. "It was the first appointment for my trans partner. He refused to treat her and his secretary dismissed us coldly," claims the aforementioned review for the clinic located in Pau in the south of France. "I do not recommend." the review concluded.

Far from being intimidated, Victor Acharian, a professional at the gynecology clinic, responded to the complaint.

"I take care of real women"

Sir. I am a gynecologist and I take care of real women. I have no competence to treat MEN no matter how much they have shaved their beards and are going to tell my secretary that they have become women. My GYN exam table is not adapted to examine men. You have specialized services that are very competent to take care of men like you. I thank you for informing TRANS people never to come to my office.

The situation and gynecologist's response was not well received by the French LGBT community, which shortly after announced reprisals against the professional for transphobia and discrimination. The SOS Homophobie association is orchestrating legal action against the gynecologist.

"We denounce the transphobic and discriminatory comments of gynecologist Victor Acharian in Pau," SOS Homophobie posted on X (formerly Twitter) on Friday. "Transphobia is a reality with serious consequences, especially in access to healthcare. It affects all of France," the association continued.

Media storm

The matter soon went viral and caused controversy in the French media. This week, Victor Acharian, the gynecologist, went on the national TV station BFMTV to apologize publicly. "I am neither transphobic nor homophobic," he said. Since Monday, French commentators are faced with the question of whether the gynecologist did something wrong by not attending to someone who does not have female reproductive organs.

The publication Le Figaro revealed that the trans couple who came to the clinic has been overwhelmed by the situation, which they did not expect to go so far. The trans male, who is in the process of transition, made an appointment online. At the clinic, the secretary was ordered by the doctor not to proceed with the appointment. The reasons why the person went to a gynecologist, despite not having female organs, are still unknown.