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Ecuador plunged into violence: Manta mayor assassinated, the second politician murdered in a week

One expert warned that there could be more attacks leading up to the snap general elections.

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Two Ecuadorian politicians have been assassinated in a matter of days, and one expert warns that in the days leading up to the snap general elections, they may not be the last.

Agustin Intriago, mayor of the coastal city of Manta, was killed this past Sunday in an armed attack while visiting a neighborhood sewage construction site.

Intriago, who had been re-elected due to his high popularity, was shot six times, mainly in the chest, and although he was taken to the hospital alive, he died a few hours later at the health center.

"It's no coincidence that they killed the mayor"

Wolf Grabendorff, an expert in International Relations and Latin American security issues, said to Deutsche Welle (DW) that it was no coincidence that Intriago was killed, as the mayor had a reputation for being incorruptible and was in charge of a city that is considered a key arrival and departure point for cocaine shipments.

"It is no coincidence that the mayor was killed (...) He had no links with the different organized crime groups that have been operating in Manta for several years," said the expert.

Other attacks against politicians

Intriago is the second mayor to die violently in less than a week. Last Monday, Rider Sanchez, candidate for the National Assembly, was killed by multiple gunshots. In 2023 so far, several mayors have suffered attacks.

Javier Pincay, mayor of Portoviejo, and Luis Chonillo, mayor of Durán, also suffered attacks this year. Although Wilson Cañizares, mayor of Duale, has not yet been the victim of attacks, he has already reported receiving threats from the Penitenciaría del Litoral (the largest prison in Ecuador).

"Taking into account that the country is facing snap general elections, I would not be surprised if this is not the last mayor to be assassinated this year," Grabendorff said.