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Scandal in Mexico: transgender congresswoman posts pornographic video and defines herself as a whore

María Clemente García Moreno claims that she engages in prostitution. The legislator belongs to the current president of Mexico’s Morena party

María Clemente García Moreno / Yessi Flores

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Mexican transgender congresswoman Maria Clemente García Moreno assured that her job is to produce pornography and "be a whore.” Her statements have caused a stir in Mexico. The congresswoman also justified her work by saying that the rest of the legislators do not abandon their work activities outside of politics, so she will not stop performing sex work.

The statements came after a pornographic video of Clemente was leaked on social media. The congresswoman belongs to the Morena party, promoted by the current president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador. He assured that he will lash out against all those who "want to violate" her rights and emphasized that human rights and the Mexican Constitution will back him up.

When questioned about why she made the video, the congresswoman ex: "It is pornography, I produce pornography, they pay me to make pornography, because they pay me, that's why I do it," she added:

I'm sorry, my job is to be a whore and I have the right to be a whore. So, if you want to know more about Congress presenting my initiative to regulate sex work, let's see it and talk about it because that has to be regulated here."

Responses from other female legislators

Congresswoman María Teresa Castell, as well as female legislators from PAN, the Democratic Revolution party and Movimiento Ciudadano, filed a complaint with the Ethics Committee of the Chamber of Deputies against Maria Clemente Garcia, for sharing her video with pornographic content on her Twitter account.

In an official letter filed on October 4, they complained that "on October 1 and 2 of this year, she posted on the social network Twitter a series of pornographic videos of a personal nature, where she appears performing oral sex on an unidentified person, regardless of her status as a federal legislator.”