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Biden Administration protects more than 860,000 foreign nationals with temporary permits

A report from the Congressional Research Service revealed that the majority of foreign nationals granted Temporary Protected Status (TPS) are in Florida, Texas, New York and California.

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The government issued temporary residence permits for nearly 863,880 immigrants, according to a recent report by the Congressional Research Service.

Foreigners from 16 countries are in the United States thanks to Temporary Protected Status (TPS). The Secretary of Homeland Security, currently Alejandro Mayorkas, is the one who decides which non-US citizens can benefit from the permit.

The permit was designed as protection for those who are at risk returning to their country, for reasons such as violence or natural disasters. Even those who entered the country illegally can apply for TPS, either by illegally crossing the border, falsifying documentation or entering the country with a temporary authorization - such as a tourist or study visa - and extending beyond the allowed period.

The TPS authorizes you to request a work permit and its beneficiaries can request to process another immigration status.

Although there are people with Temporary Protected Status spread throughout the states and territories, the largest populations live in states that traditionally have a high number of immigrants. Those that host the most are Florida, Texas, New York and California.

The Sunshine State is where the most people reside with this temporary permit. 34% of the total, of which more than half are Venezuelans (57%) and more than a third Haitians (35%).

Individuals granted TPS by state. (Congressional Research Service)

Individuals granted TPS by state. (Congressional Research Service)

Another temporary permit issued by the administration is the Deferred Enforced Departure (DED). This authorization is decided by the president. To date, it protects Palestinian, Liberian and Hong Kong foreigners. The report does not specify how many.

Countries with more TPS

Venezuelans are the ones who have received the most TPS permits, with a total of 344,335. They are followed by Haitians with 200,005 and Salvadorans with 180,375.

Last on the list are foreigners from South Sudan, with 155 approvals, and Somalia, with 555.

Countries with more and less (Medium Voice)

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