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Democratic panic: analyst James Carville warns about the flight of Hispanic men among Democratic voters

The political strategist believes there are too many sermons in the party that persecute certain American ways of life.

James Carville

(Daily Caller / X )

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Veteran political strategist James Carville made a guest appearance Donny Deutsch's podcast to comment on the current situation of the Democratic Party ahead of the presidential elections this November. Carville assured in the interview that Joe Biden's campaign has a problem with men, and specifically with Hispanic men. "We are going to lose them," said the political analyst.

Carville's statements are supported by recent polling numbers that show Hispanic voter turnout slipping among the Democratic electorate in favor of Republicans. The latest data show that among working class Hispanics, Trump and Biden are already tied at 31%.

According to Carville, this transfer of votes is more pronounced in the case of Hispanic men. The analyst points directly to the leadership in the Democratic Party.

“We have a huge male problem all across the board, but particularly — I hate this term but I’ll use it — ‘communities of color,’ as if all the people that are not white are the same. It’s stupid,” Carville declared. “And I do think, and people got a little upset with me when I told The New York Times, I think Democratic culture has too many preachy females. It’s too much, ‘Don’t eat hamburgers, don’t watch football, wear a condom.’ Like, man, sh*t, leave me alone, okay? I’ve got a goddamn life to lead. You know, a guy works at a tire repair shop in suburban Atlanta, m*therfu*cker’s working 50 hours a week, making $16.50 an hour, and he wants to watch the football game, and he wants to smoke d*pe and drink beer.”

The analyst, who has worked for decades for the Democratic Party, believes that the main cause of this phenomenon is the "cosmopolitan condensation" that has become the dominant aspect of the party.