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Illegal immigrants overwhelm Boston's Logan Airport

The undocumented immigrants are taken to welcome points in the city, but return to the terminal at night.

Aeropuerto Logan de Boston

(Captura de pantalla YouTube NBC)

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Boston's Logan International Airport is currently a reflection of the serious immigration crisis facing the country. Images were published on social networks showing how the undocumented have settled in with blankets and makeshift mattresses.

Media outlets, such as The New York Post, warned that more immigrants are expected to arrive with their families in the coming days. Additionally, the tabloid revealed how immigrants are transferred to welcome points in the city, but return to the airport at night.

"Migrants have been staying in the baggage area in Logan since last year after the state’s shelters reached their 7,500 family capacity in November, forcing people that sit on waitlists for the facilities to be housed at the airport," explained The New York Post.

This is an image that has been repeated in other states in the country since Joe Biden assumed the presidency and the immigration crisis broke out. For example, San Diego International Airport is home to hundreds of immigrants sleeping on the floor, as are Chicago's O'Hare Airport and El Paso Airport in Texas.

A report from the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) revealed that the migrant population increased by around 6.6 million people since President Joe Biden took office (January 2021).

The current scale of immigration (legal and illegal) into the United States is without any precedent in the nation’s history. In March 2024 the foreign-born population reached 51.6 million, 5.1 million more than in March 2022 — the largest two-year increase ever recorded in American History. Moreover, 15.6 percent of the U.S. population is now foreign-born — the largest percentage on record.