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At least eight vandals arrested after storming traditional baseball game between Republicans and Democrats

Pro-Hamas and climate change groups demonstrated on the Nationals Park field.

Arrestados en el Juego del Congreso

(Captura de pantalla YouTube New York Post)

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Several pro-Hamas vandals stormed the annual Congressional Baseball Game being played on the field at Nationals Park. Other climate protesters also attempted to protest at the stadium. Both groups were detained by security forces.

To the shouts of "Free Palestine," the majority of those attending the baseball game began to shout: "USA, USA" :

Accordingly, the Capitol Police explained that they arrested at least eight people for the demonstrations. "Our officers quickly stopped them and arrested them. The eight people are being charged with federal charges - Interference with a Member of the U.S. Capitol Police," the Police indicated on their X account.

A climate organization called Climate Defiance claimed responsibility for the attack. "Make no mistake: It’s the Members of Congress who should be locked up," the progressive organization noted on its X account.

Despite the protesters' attempts, the game continued and ultimately, for the fourth year in a row, congressional Republicans defeated their Democratic opponents. The final score was 31-11. Additionally, $2.2 million was raised for charities.

"Proceeds from the game benefit the Boys and Girls Clubs of Greater Washington, the Washington Literacy Center, the Washington Nationals Philanthropies, and the United States Capitol Police Memorial Fund," explained the Washington Examiner.