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Judge will reopen sentencing in the case of Paul Pelosi's attacker

David DePape will have the opportunity to speak in his defense to try to reduce his 30-year prison sentence.

La ex presidenta de la Cámara de Representantes de Estados Unidos, Nancy Pelosi, y su esposo Paul Pelosi

Nancy Pelosi and Paul Pelosi (Michael Tran / AFP)

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The man convicted of attacking Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi's husband will return to court to try to try and reduce his 30-year prison sentence which was last week.

The judge in charge of the case decided to reopen the sentencing process against David DePape so that he can defend himself in his own words.

The man convicted of attacking Paul Pelosi with a hammer in 2022 did not have the opportunity to speak in his defense. Federal rules require the court to ask the defendant directly if they want to say anything before learning their fate.

The judge made a mistake: DePape should have had the opportunity, regardless of the fact that neither party claimed their right to final words. However, "as the Court did not do so, it committed clear error," it admitted in a statement reported by CNN.

The judge granted the prosecutor's request, which after hearing Friday's sentence asked, that same day, that sentencing be reopened to let DePape speak. The defense attorneys opposed the motion.