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The Harvard Alumni Association supports president Claudine Gay

While the university leaders meet to decide the future of Gay, students and professors take a stand for and against its continuity.

Claudine Gay, presidente de Harvard

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The Harvard Alumni Association published a letter expressing its support for the president of the university, Claudine Gay, and asking the leaders of the institution to stand with them and prevent her dismissal. Gay's continuity after her anti-Semitic statements in her controversial appearance in Congress, has generated a wide debate both inside and outside the walls of the university, with thousands of students and professors signing petitions asking for her permanence or departure. Those responsible for the institution are holding meetings in which Gay's future will be decided.

In the note from the alumni association, which was approved by all members of its executive committee, the signatories call on "members of Harvard College and the Board of Overseers of Harvard University, to join us and make public a firm pledge of support to our exceptional president of the University. In addition, they highlight that Gay has already apologized for her mistakes and highlighted her work as the head of the entity:

President Gay is the right leader to guide the University during this challenging time. She is thoughtful. She is kind. She is resolutely dedicated to the growth and wellbeing of our very diverse community. We recognize that there was disappointment in her testimony this past week. President Gay has pointed this out and apologized for any pain her testimony caused–a powerful demonstration of her integrity, determination, and courage.

Students and teachers, divided

In addition to this letter, the University leaders, who are holding meetings to decide Gay's future, have also received letters from professors and students asking for the continuity of the president and CEO. Additionally, more than 700 black students expressed their unconditional support for Harvard's first black president in its 386-year history.

By contrast, a letter "imploring" Gay's resignation or dismissal for her "lack of moral clarity" surpassed 1,000 signatures last Monday.