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Jenna Ortega leaves 'Scream VII' after the dismissal of Melissa Barrera

Entertainment media outlets state that Ortega has withdrawn due to scheduling issues.

Melissa Barrera y Jenna Ortega en Scream

(Cordon Press)

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Performer Jenna Ortega will not participate in the upcoming horror film Scream VII. The announcement, confirmed by Variety, came a day after production company Spyglass announced that it would be releasing actress Melissa Barrera from her role due to her anti-Israel comments on social media.

According to Deadline, Ortega has abandoned the film due to scheduling conflicts, as she had committed to recording a new season of the Netflix series Wednesday. There was even talk that she would leave production weeks before, when the actors' strike had not even begun.

Barrera's departure had put the spotlight on Ortega, who in previous films in the franchise played sisters Samantha and Tara Carpenter. Ortega has also made controversial comments about the war on social networks, according to Breibart. Above all, sharing messages from the Jewish Voice for Peace organization.