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Jeremy Renner is back and has announced his new musical project following his snowplow accident

The actor almost died after being hit by a snowplow. As a result of this experience, he put together his newest project: 'Love and Titanium.'

Jeremy Renner durante la presentación en Los Ángeles de 'Hawkeye', la serie de Ojo de Halcón estrenada en diciembre de 2021

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Jeremy Renner is back and has announced his latest project. The actor was in a snowplow accident on January 1. He made an appearance in March when he was interviewed about his experience and how his recovery process was going. After this, he spent some time resting and healing his wounds. Until now. The performer is back with a new project.

He is releasing an album titled "Love and Titanium." The album talks about the "different milestones in my recovery journey since Jan 1st this year." He posted the following message on his Instagram profile announcing his new album:

He also told CNN about his experience. He focused on how the accident has changed his outlook on life. As the actor explained, his life has changed but he feels grateful to be able to "be upright and to live life":

I just feel very blessed and very lucky to be upright and walk around and to live life. I’m very, very clear. My life is really lean, if that makes sense. There’s no fat in my life anymore. I don’t have time for that. So, there’s something really beautiful about having that superpower. 

Jeremy Renner also told the television network that ever since his accident, he feels that his time is "more valuable." For this reason, he explained, he had decided to move to Charleston (North Carolina) and there he had partnered with the local spirits company Sweet Grass Vodka, which he was already collaborating with before his accident:

I was really clear about how I want to spend my time, and who I want to spend my time with. This to me feels like family, sort of lifestyle things we talk about all the time. And then we have the spirit itself, it’s much more the shared experience. And that to me is where I want to spend my time.