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VIDEO: Drag queen spanks the mayor of Burbank, Calif., at a campaign event

Konstantine Anthony said that even though the rally was open to those over the age of 15, there were no children present.

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VIDEO: un drag queen azota al alcalde de Burbank (California) en un evento de campaña | Captura de pantalla wisenuts_podcast

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Burbank Mayor Konstantine Anthony went viral on social media after a video was posted of him being spanked by a drag queen at a campaign rally. Several people said there were children at the scene. However, the Democratic mayor claimed that all the people at the event were over 21 years old.

The drag queen who promoted the event posted on her social media accounts advertising that the event was for people over the age of 15 and that it was not "suitable" for children. Earlier, the mayor was at campaign events where there were children present. People on social media were outraged that the mayor was spanked in front of children.

The account Libs of TikTok posted, "The drag queen who performed posted about the event on Instagram and noted that it was open for ages 15+ but also said it’s 'not suitable for children.' Is it so much to ask for you to act like a mayor? At least in public?"

Meanwhile, the mayor pointed out on his X account (formerly Twitter) that the accusations were not true and that there were not children at the event. Anthony replied to the account that shared the video and said, "Actually, there weren't any children at this private 21+ event. But of course, lying is totally on brand for you." The Democrat did, however, acknowledge that the event was advertised as open to minors: "Regardless of advertising, there were no children at the event," he said.