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Groups of white supremacists march in Orlando with neo-Nazi flags shouting "Heil Hitler"

Protesters also held anti-Semitic signs and shouted hateful messages against the LGBTQ+ community.

March of the Redshirts


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Several white supremacist groups marched through Orlando this weekend waving swastika flags and shouting “Heil Hitler.” One of them even marched in front of the gates of Walt Disney World.

Images shared via social media show well-known neo-Nazi groups such as Blood Tribe and The Goyim Defense League holding anti-Semitic and anti-LGBTQ+ flags and posters shouting hateful messages.

The so-called “March of the Redshirts” attracted a few dozen followers. Before the demonstration, a leaflet announcing the march was already circulating. However, it did not show the day or place where the event would take place.

According to the information, several demonstrations would be held “in high visibility locations - such as a sporting or entertainment venue, highway overpass, government building or in front of an LGBTQ+ venue or Jewish institution - in order to attract as much public and media attention as possible.”

At the rally were some people claiming to support Florida Gov. Ron De Santis, a stunt allegedly aimed at smearing Republicans.

“Here we go with the false flag nonsense again. These are ‘DeSantis supporters’ flying neo-Nazi flags outside Disney World. Your life has got to be a sad one to do right-wing cosplay because your ideas suck. It’s just so pathetic,” said conservative Kyle Becker.

According to the Orange County Sheriff’s Office, the extremists who gathered outside Disney World dispersed after two hours. No one was arrested.

“The Orange County Sheriff’s Office deplores hate speech in any form, but people have the First Amendment right to demonstrate. What these groups do is revolting and condemned in the strongest way by Sheriff [John] Mina and the Sheriff’s Office. They are looking for attention, and specifically media attention,” the sheriff’s office said.