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Jean Carroll claims another $10 million from Trump

The journalist seeks to "punish and dissuade" the former president after his statements on CNN the day after the verdict was announced.

E. Jean Carroll, a su salida del Tribunal.

(Cordon Press)

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Jean Carroll is demanding even more money from Donald Trump. After the five million dollars that a jury ordered the former president to pay her for sexual abuse (two million) and defamation (three), the journalist claims in court another 10 million for Trump's statements on CNN after the sentence was announced.

Carroll's attorney, Roberta Kaplan, sent a letter to the court on Monday to amend her initial defamation lawsuit against the business mogul, noting that the former president's words during the network's Town Hall "show the depth of his malice toward Carroll, as it is hard to imagine defamatory conduct that could be more motivated by hatred, ill will or spite."

Carroll seeks to "punish and deter" Trump

In the text, Kaplan argues that "this conduct supports a very substantial punitive damages award in Carroll’s favor both to punish Trump, deter him from engaging in further defamation, and to deter others from doing the same."

"Mockery of our judicial system."

In statements to The New York Times, Kaplan stressed that Trump's words "literally the day after" the verdict was announced,"makes a mockery of the jury´s verdict and our justice system if he can just keep on repeating the same defamatory statements over and over again."

During his return to CNN, Trump reiterated that he "knew nothing" about "that woman" whom he went so far as to describe as a "crackpot."