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Biden discusses possible defeat to Trump in unflattering first post-debate interview

Biden, with a weak and raspy voice, denied the reality of the polls and blamed a "bad cold" for his poor debate performance.

ABC News.

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President Joe Biden was interviewed by ABC News' George Stephanopulos following the disastrous debate against former President Donald Trump. In the interview, which aired on Friday night, July 5, the president failed to relieve concerns about his candidacy and discussed for the first time the possibility of losing in November.

The president claimed he would be at peace if he lost to Trump, "as long as I gave it my all" in the campaign, he told Stephanopoulos, who cornered him on several points.

Regarding the debate, Joe Biden said that it was simply a bad night and that his poor performance does not reflect a much deeper problem in his cognitive state.

"It was an episode, no indication of a serious problem. I was exhausted. I didn't listen to my instincts in terms of preparing.... It was a bad night," Biden said, to which Stephanopulos asked him, "You say you were exhausted; but you came home from Europe about 11 or 12 days before the debate.... You spent six days in Camp David. Why wasn't that enough rest time?"

According to Biden, he was "very sick." The president said that even the doctors thought he had an infection, such as COVID-19, but in the end it turned out he just had "a bad cold."

At one point, Stephanopulos asked him about whether he had re-watched the debate, and Biden, unclearly stated that he was almost certain he had not re-watched it. Also, the president sidestepped a question about whether he would be willing to take a cognitive test.

"There are concerns about your age and his health, and they are growing. I wanted to ask you: would you be willing to have an independent medical evaluation?" the reporter asked.

Biden said, "Watch me!"

In the interview, which lasted just under half an hour, the president had difficulty clarifying why, despite the doubts, he is indeed fit to serve four more years. His voice was shaky and hoarse, like during the debate.

"Many Democrats believe Biden has been an excellent president; but that his refusal to give up power at his advanced age could risk throwing the country into turmoil after November's election," reported Axios.

"His interview with ABC's George Stephanopoulos, broadcast Friday evening, is unlikely to quell those concerns," Axios adds.

Insistently, Biden denied that polls have put him several points behind Trump, such as the New York Times, which puts Trump six points ahead of Biden. The president told Stephanopoulos that his numbers are different from the rest.

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