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Kansas is pushing NFL Chiefs and MLB Royals to leave Missouri

The state wants to get both franchises to leave Missouri and will grant public funds for them to build new facilities in the state.

Los Kansas City Chiefs y los Royals de Kansas City.

(Mike Buscher/Cal Sport Media/CSM via ZUMA Press Wire | David Smith/CSM via ZUMA Press Wire)

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In the NFL, the Kansas City Chiefs were crowned Super Bowl champions for the second consecutive year after beating the San Francisco 49ers. In the MLB, the Kansas City Royals won the World Series in 2015 and, a year before, made it to the World Series. These milestones have led Kansas lawmakers to devise a plan for both franchises to integrate into the state and leave Missouri.

This Tuesday, state congressmen approved a bill to provide both the Chiefs and the Royals with state funds (STAR bonds) to build a new stadium and new training facilities in the Kansas City metropolitan area on the Kansas side. The city is divided between Kansas and Missouri.

The governor of Kansas, Laura Kelly, did not say whether or not she would approve the measure, although she hinted, in statements reported by Fox News, that having the two teams would be beneficial for the state due to the income it would generate and the jobs it would create:

I pledged to work with members of both parties on policies that are beneficial to Kansas. The bipartisan effort to invite the Chiefs and Royals to Kansas shows we're all-in on keeping our beloved teams in the Kansas City metro. Kansas now has the opportunity to become a professional sports powerhouse with the Chiefs and Royals potentially joining Sporting KC as major league attractions, all with robust, revenue-generating entertainment districts surrounding them providing new jobs, new visitors, and new revenues that boost the Kansas economy.

The mayor of Kansas City (Missouri), Quinton Lucas, claimed that both the city and the state "have invested millions in the teams’ success and both continue to work to ensure a solid future for both teams in Kansas City."

The opinion of the Chiefs and the Royals

Both the Royals and the Chiefs also gave their opinion. Both franchises agreed that they will prioritize what is on their best interests.

"We appreciate that leaders in the State of Kansas proactively reached out to us for input on the proposed STAR Bond legislation. We support their efforts to expand the existing program and congratulate them on passing the legislation in special session. We look forward to exploring the options this legislation may provide," the Chiefs said.

"We’re grateful to the Kansas Legislature for today’s bipartisan action that gives the state a pragmatic tool in which to achieve its economic development goals. The Kansas City Royals look forward to additional conversations as we evaluate where we will play baseball in the future. We will always prioritize the best interests of our fans, associates, and taxpayers in this process," the Royals stated.