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Trump achieved the largest fundraising outside the United States: He received $3 million in London for his campaign

Australian actress Holly Valance hosted the outstanding gala in the United Kingdom.

El ex presidente de Estados Unidos y candidato presidencial republicano Donald Trump hace un gesto junto a su pastel de cumpleaños

(Jim Watson /AFP)

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At an event that marked a milestone for Republican fundraising outside the United States, actress Holly Valance, known for her role in "Neighbors," organized a lavish gala at her London residence for Donald Trump's re-election campaign. The achievement of the night was raising 3 million dollars.

The evening was attended by prominent figures such as Nigel Farage, leader of the UK Reform party, and other key figures who could occupy important positions in a possible future Trump cabinet, such as Richard Grenell and Scott Bessent, mentioned for the positions of Secretary of State and Secretary of the Treasury, respectively.

Also in attendance were around 100 guests drawn mainly from London's conservative and financial circles, including bankers, hedge fund managers and businessmen.

Donald Trump Jr. was one of the event's keynote speakers. In his speech, he highlighted the overall enthusiasm for his father's campaign and expressed his gratitude for the support received. On his social media, Trump Jr. commented: "Tons of enthusiasm from Americans across the globe to re-elect Trump. It’s time to send Biden to the retirement home where he belongs so we can Make America Great Again."

Farage, who took a break from his election campaign in Clacton to attend the event, also addressed those present, highlighting the importance of the special relationship between the United Kingdom and the United States. Although he avoided further comment on the event, his presence underscored the international support Trump continues to receive.

The atmosphere of the gala was marked by Republican colors, with red balloons decorating the lake on the grounds of the Valance residence. A bagpiper performing "Scotland the Brave" paid tribute to Donald Trump's Scottish roots, whose mother was originally from the Isle of Lewis.

This fundraising not only underscores continued support for Trump in his quest for re-election but also highlights his international supporters' mobilization capacity and enthusiasm. According to event organizers, this could be the largest Republican fundraiser outside the United States so far.