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Politicians use trans cause to distract from important problems, according to most citizens

A survey revealed that 77% of Americans share the opinion that legislators talk and work more on this issue than on others such as the economy or the border crisis.



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The vast majority of Americans believe that politicians use the trans issue to distract from talking and working on the country's important problems, such as the economy, justice, border security or crime.

A poll conducted by NORC at the University of Chicago and published by the Los Angeles Times and The California Endowment asked citizens whether "elected officials primarily use debates about transgender and non-binary people to distract from more pressing priorities." The response was overwhelming: 77% answered "yes."

A total of 1,624 adults were consulted to prepare the survey.

Transgenderism is an issue that has featured prominently in the discourses of both the Democratic Party and the Republican Party, and at both the federal and state levels.

One of the great supporters of this cause is President Joe Biden, who, designated March 31 (Easter Day) as Transgender Day of Visibility this year, pleasing his supporters and disparaging the Christian faith.

This appointment agitated society and led to criticism from the Republican Party. One of the first to do so was Donald Trump, whom Biden is expected to face at the polls in November. "And what the f*** was Biden thinking when he declared Easter Sunday as Transgender Day of Visibility? A total lack of respect for Christians," said the former president, ensuring that he will name it the Day of Christian Visibility on November 5 if he returns to the White House.

The trans cause is also valued with great importance at the state level. Half of the states have enacted regulations focused mainly on sex reassignment surgeries and treatments in minors, such as Texas, Florida, Utah or Arkansas. Others, for the moment, allow these practices, such as California, Washington, New York or Michigan.