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Anti-Trump votes bring Biden closer in the polls, even though voters trust former president more

Trump remains in the lead (50-49), according to CBS, and respondents say they would be better off with him economically, to fight inflation and on border security.

Se avecina la revancha: Biden confirma la nominación presidencial demócrata mientras Trump espera los resultados en Washington

Joe Biden y Donald Trump (AFP)

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Joe Biden's great virtue in being able to win the elections is that if he wins, Donald Trump will not be president again. This is clear from a CBS survey in which both contenders are just one point away (50-49 in favor of the Republican), but respondents consider that inflation, their economic situation and border security would be better with the former president.

However, these results represent an improvement for Biden compared to the network's previous survey, in which Trump was ahead with 52% of the votes compared to 48% for the current president. Curiously, the former president is much better considered by the participants in the poll on the decisive issues for casting their ballot than the Democrat. Right now, Americans' biggest concerns are the economy (81%), inflation (75%), the state of democracy (74%), crime (62%) and the situation on the border with Mexico (56%).

By ethnicity, Hispanics would vote just the opposite of the average, that is, 49% in favor of Trump while 50% would bet on Biden. Data that nevertheless represents good news for the Republican, which rises three points compared to the CBS data from the beginning of March. The same is not true for black voters. In this field, it is the Executive leader who manages to recover part of the vote (81% compared to 76% of these voters who supported him in the previous survey). Trump drops from 23% to 18%, on his part.

Voting for Biden out of opposition to Trump

According to the survey , the majority (54%) of those who say they will vote for Biden recognize that they will do so out of opposition to Trump. Only 27% would cast the ballot with his name because they like the Executive leader, and 19% would do so because he is the candidate of the Democratic Party. Some figures are opposite to the former president's voters: 52% of people who would like to see him again in the White House say they would vote for him because they like him, while those who would support him for going against Biden would reach 34%.

The current occupant of the White House also does not fare very well when voters are asked if a series of qualities describes each candidate. In the case of Biden, an overwhelming majority considers that they would not describe him as effective (62%), focused (62%), competent (60%), tough (72%) or energetic (74%). However, more people would describe him as compassionate, 52%.

Once again Trump moves at the opposite of these figures. Thus, those surveyed perceive him as an effective person (52%), focused (52%), tough 66% and energetic (61%). On the contrary, a large majority believe that compassion is not his thing (63%), while slightly more (51%) doubt his competence.

The economy, better with Trump; inflation, a problem with Biden

Regarding the situation of citizens with one or the other as president, the Republican once again beats the Democrat. If Biden wins, 48% believe that their financial situation will worsen, while 36% say it would remain the same and just 16% believe it would improve. If Trump wins, 42% believe they would be better off economically, while 31% say they would be worse off. 26% say worse.

An overwhelming majority (72%) also indicates that they have suffered difficulties as a result of inflation during Biden's term. Among them, 35% assure that the rise in prices has become a financial problem for them.