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The Georgia Court of Appeals indefinitely froze Prosecutor Willis' case against Trump

With this decision, it is almost certain that the trial will not take place before the November elections.

El Tribunal de Apelaciones de Georgia congeló indefinidamente el caso de la fiscal Willis contra Trump

Prosecutor Fani Willis

The Fulton County Prosecutor’s Office in Georgia was dealt a giant blow this Wednesday after the state Court of Appeals indefinitely froze prosecutor Fani Willis’ case against former President Donald Trump.

In a one-page ruling, the Georgia Court of Appeals issued a pause until it resolves appeals by Trump and eight other co-defendants seeking to remove Willis from the case because of her affair with a high-ranking prosecutor involved in the judicial battle.

Oral arguments for the appeal are tentatively scheduled for Oct. 4, meaning the case most likely won’t go to trial until after the November presidential election. Legal experts believe the appeals process will last months.

“The Georgia Court of Appeals has properly stayed all proceedings against President Trump in the trial court pending its decision on our interlocutory appeal which argues the case should be dismissed and Fulton County DA Willis should be disqualified for her misconduct,” said Steve Sadow, Trump’s lead defense attorney in a statement cited by Fox News Digital.

While the appeal is resolved, the former president could win the election, return to the White House and resolve the federal accusations against him.

Currently, a trial date has not yet been selected, especially because of all the delays surrounding Willis’ affair with special prosecutor Nathan Wade.

Both prosecutors had to take the stand and defend their former romance in several hearings, stating that it was not an improper relationship.

Ultimately, Judge Scott McAfee ruled that Willis could remain on the case if special prosecutor Wade resigned, which he did. However, Trump and several co-defendants said the judge’s decision was insufficient and asked the appeals court to intervene, which confirmed it would consider the case.

Ashleigh Merchant, the lawyer for co-defendant Michael Roman, who brought Willis and Wade’s affair to light, welcomed the Court of Appeals decision.

“We are happy that the Court of Appeals agrees with us that this issue is so important to this entire case that it decided to stop the case from moving forward in the trial court until the issue of whether or not Willis must be removed from the case can be decided,” Merchant said. “Mr. Roman is innocent, and we hope that this misuse of the justice system will finally come to an end when a disinterested prosecutor takes over the case.”