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Michael Cohen: A liar and a thief

The star witness in the case against Trump continues to confess his lies and now even admitted a new crime against the former president's organization.

Michael Cohen


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This Monday was devastating for the star witness in the case against Donald Trump. Michael Cohen, who, after weeks of admitting that he has lied in court, before Congress, and in the media, and having been exposed last Thursday for lying again in this case, confessed in today's hearing that he is a thief.

Today, Cohen confessed that he stole tens of thousands of dollars from the Trump organization, and then former federal prosecutor Robert Costello testified that Cohen assured him several times that Trump had no idea about the payments to Stormy Daniels.

Cohen confessed to stealing from the Trump organization

The Prosecutor's star witness admitted this Monday in court that he stole $60,000 from the Trump organization. Among the various payments that Cohen reported related to the confidentiality agreement with Stormy Daniels was the payment to the technology company Red Finch. Cohen admitted that he did not repay the full money he claimed to owe the company and that he kept a portion of the money that the Trump organization gave him.

So the last day of testimony by Michael Cohen, the witness on whom the Prosecutor's Office based the case, ended with the confession of a crime committed against Donald Trump. Last week, Cohen's interrogation by the former president's defense ended with Trump's lawyer accusing Cohen that he had lied in court on Tuesday when he claimed that a specific call had been made to talk to the former president about Daniels. but according to text messages, the call was actually with Trump's bodyguard to discuss a matter other than payments to the porn actress.

Trump's defense ended last week's questioning of Cohen by not only showing that the witness has a history of being a pathological liar but that he continues to lie and even lied last Tuesday in court. But to the surprise of those following the case, on what seemed like a quiet Monday, most likely dedicated to highlighting some of the points made clear by the defense in its interrogation of Cohen, ended with the confession of a new crime by the prosecution's star witness.

How much money has Cohen made off of Trump?

This Monday, Cohen was also questioned about the money he has made, talking about his time as the former president's lawyer. Cohen has written books, has a podcast, has given interviews to a wide variety of media, and has been exploiting his history with Donald Trump and the payments to Stormy Daniels for years. In today's hearing, Cohen stated that with his podcasts and his books, since 2020, he has earned about $4.4 million.

Since being released from prison in 2020, Cohen has made an entire career out of being a Trump critic. In recent days, he acknowledged that since this trial began, he has been broadcasting through his TikTok account, which charges $5.99 per subscription and where he speaks six days a week about the former president. The prosecution witness also acknowledged making thousands of dollars by presenting himself as Trump's attorney with other clients.

Today, Cohen also accepted that he intends to run as a congressman. Trump's lawyer asked him if he wanted to make a career in Congress because of Trump's name, to which Cohen responded that it was because of his own name and not because of the former president.

Michael Cohen's former legal advisor Robert Costello testifies

Robert Costello was an advisor to Cohen and is a highly respected figure in the New York legal system, serving as a federal prosecutor for many years. This Monday, he was called to testify by Trump's legal team, and in a statement that was interrupted by Judge Merchán, Costello assured that Cohen was "manic" when the investigation against him began.

He also claimed that Cohen told him numerous times that Trump knew nothing about the payments to Stormy Daniels. In statements to the media last week, Costello assured that Cohen was very angry with Donald Trump for not considering him for his Cabinet in the White House and that he thought that by taking care of Daniels' silence on his own, he could win the Republican's favor.