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Biden wants to start sending weapons to Ukraine "this week"

The president will sign the foreign aid bill this Wednesday, "as soon as it reaches my desk."

Activistas ondean banderas ucranianas frente al Capitolio estadounidense en Washington, DC, el 23 de abril de 2024.


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President Joe Biden said this Tuesday that he hopes the United States will begin "sending weapons and equipment to Ukraine this week," after Congress approved, after months of stagnation and a final vote in the Senate, the foreign aid package to Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan.

"I will sign this bill into law and address the American people as soon as it reaches my desk tomorrow so we can begin sending weapons and equipment to Ukraine this week," Biden said in a statement. He believes that Congress' approval sends a message that the United States stands "resolutely for democracy and freedom, and against tyranny and oppression."

After several months of intense political debates, the Senate passed a bill this Tuesday that will allocate millions of dollars in aid to Israel, Ukraine and Taiwan. Additionally, the legislation also includes a provision requiring TikTok to find an American buyer.

With strong bipartisan support of 79 votes in favor and 18 against, senators finally gave the green light to foreign aid, after the House of Representatives approved the package in four separate bills.

"Tonight, America sends a message to the entire world: We will not turn our back on you," said Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-New York. "This national security bill is one of the most important measures Congress has passed in a very long time," he added.

Zelensky and Israel appreciate the aid

The Ukrainian president, Volodymyr Zelensky, expressed his gratitude for the approval of a military aid package worth $61 billion for his country.

"I thank Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and Republican Leader Mitch McConnell for their strong leadership in advancing this bipartisan legislation, as well as all U.S. Senators on both sides of the aisle who voted in favor of it," Zelensky posted on social media shortly after the passage.

The United States has been Ukraine's main military supporter in its war against Russia but the new aid package spent months stalled in Congress.

"I equally appreciate President Biden's support and look forward to the bill being signed soon and the next military aid package matching the resoluteness that I always see in our negotiations," Zelensky added.

Zelensky added that "Ukraine's long-range capabilities, artillery, and air defense are critical tools for restoring just peace sooner."

Israeli Foreign Minister Israel Katz welcomed the $13 billion in military assistance, which he said sends a "strong message" to his country's enemies.

The minister posted on social media, "I thank the U.S. Senate for passing the aid package tonight with an overwhelming bipartisan majority."

He added that the package is a "clear testament to the strength of our alliance and sends a strong message to all our enemies."