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Texas prohibits private employers from imposing COVID-19 vaccination mandates

The regulation, promoted by Republican legislators, imposes fines of $50,000 on non-compliant parties.

El gobernador de Texas Gregg Abbott hablando, micrófono en mano. Al lado, un recuadro donde se puede ver un brazo recibiendo una vacuna.

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Texas Governor Greg Abbott signed a law on Friday prohibiting private employers from imposing COVID-19 vaccination mandates on employees or contractors.

The law entrusts the Texas Workforce Commission to investigate possible cases of non-compliance and establishes fines of $50,000 for employers who, after being found guilty, do not rehire the affected person.

"This law adds to the law that I already signed that prohibits state and local governments from imposing COVID mandates," Abbott said from the governor's mansion in Austin. "It's long past time to put COVID behind us and restore individual freedom to all Texans."

Republican state Senator Mayes Middleton, who is the main sponsor of the project, celebrated the "strongest ban on COVID vaccine mandates in the nation."

Texas has taken a bold stand for medical freedom - SB 7 is FIVE times stronger than the next strongest ban in Florida!

"Texas employees - including medical and nursing students - can rest easy knowing that their fundamental right to work and provide for their families is protected under this law," said Senator Jeff Leach, who worked with Middleton to write the bill.

The opportunity of a lifetime, yet, something tells me this dream team is just getting started!

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