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McCarthy announces his endorsement of Jim Jordan for speaker of the House of Representatives

The former Speaker's support comes in the wake of Congressman Austin Scott's challenge.

McCarthy anuncia su respaldo a Jim Jordan como presidente de la Cámara de Representantes

El representante Kevin McCarthy | (Cordon Press)

Representative Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), former speaker of the House of Representatives, announced his endorsement of Congressman Jim Jordan (R-OH) as the next speaker.

“I’m going to support Jim Jordan,” McCarthy told reporters, a comment that came after Congressman Austin Scott (R-GA) challenged Jordan’s candidacy.

When McCarthy was questioned about Scott’s candidacy, the representative from California commented that all Republicans have the right to present their candidacy; however, he clarified that he believes that Jordan “has got the votes” to be speaker and is also the best option for the position.

“But we’ll see… I think everybody has the right to run,” McCarthy said. “I think Jim’s better prepared in the process to be speaker.”

Scott announced his candidacy on Friday on X (formerly Twitter).

“I have filed to be Speaker of the House,” the congressman said. “We are in Washington to legislate, and I want to lead a House that functions in the best interest of the American people.”

The Georgia representative also commented that Jordan is a good friend but stated that the Ohio congressman does not necessarily want to be the speaker of the House.

The House has been without a speaker since Matt Gaetz’s (R-FL) impeachment motion against McCarthy gained the support of several congressmen from the Freedom Caucus, whose members represent the most conservative wing of the GOP, and then joined all Democrats to decide the fate of the representative.

For the moment, Jordan would be the favorite option for the most conservative faction of the GOP. However, beyond the fact that it pleases many moderates like McCarthy, some Republican congressmen think that giving the presidency to Jordan will mean rewarding the behavior of the most conservative representatives of the House.