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Tucker Carlson on the trial against Trump: "It is a grotesque travesty. It is not a legal procedure"

The famous political commentator agrees that the case against the former president only seeks to prevent him from returning to the White House.

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Tucker Carlson dedicated the 27th episode of his show to the first day of the civil trial that Donald Trump faces in New York for alleged fraud. The famous political commentator called the legal procedure “a grotesque parody of the system.”

The former Fox News host began by explaining how dangerous this case against Trump is, highlighting that in reality what is sought is not to do justice, but to prevent the former president from occupying the White House again.

Trump is the frontrunner in the presidential race. He's currently beating Joe Biden in the polls, yet liberals have decided that you should not be allowed to elect him president. That's not democracy. It's the opposite. It's totalitarianism,” he stated.

Carlson said all 91 crimes Trump faces are politically motivated. However, he insisted that today's case is particularly "absurd."

In this episode, Carlson relied on the historian and political commentator, Victor Davis Hanson, who believed that indeed "Trump represented an existential threat, and by association half of the country," so the Democrats decided to remove him by any means, with legal procedures.

Davis Hanson also pointed out that, although this is happening to Trump now, it is actually what Democrats have been doing with many of their policies. “They feel that they’re at a stage now where their agenda does not appeal to 51% of the people. And they either have to bring in new constituencies or change the system, the entire system of which we are acculturated to retain power (…) There’s no such thing anymore as theft or lie or any of these things because they are just constructs and they are just anything that is useful to gain power is considered legitimate, and anything that is not useful is illegitimate," he said.

Trump claims that 80% of the marriage is “over”

After the first day of trial, the former president was satisfied with the statements that Judge Arthur Engoron gave just before ending the day.

According to Trump, “the last five minutes was outstanding, because the judge essentially conceded that the statute of limitations that we won at the Court of Appeals is in effect. Therefore about 80% of the case is over,” he assured.

Although it was unclear exactly what the judge said, one of Trump's lawyers said Engoron "agreeing that all the transactions enclosed prior to 2014 are now out of the case."