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Biden administration accused of secretly selling "millions of dollars" of unused border wall materials

The government is allegedly auctioning off material in storage to get ahead of a Republican bill that would force the government to begin using it.

Muro en la frontera con México.

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The government is allegedly trying to sell off materials that were intended for the border wall. At least 729 beams meant to reinforce the border with Mexico were sold for $154,200 last Tuesday, according to the New York Post. Another 13 lots are set to be auctioned off on Aug. 23 and 30.

The sale was confirmed by the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) to the political bulletin Power Corridor. A source in the U.S. military supply chain agency reportedly said the Pentagon explicitly asked to hide that the material was originally intended for the wall.

The New York Post says the sale of "millions of dollars’ worth of unused parts" on GovPlanet, an auction site specializing in state surpluses, is part of a race against Republican lawmakers, who want to force the government to make use of the unused material.

To achieve that end, the GOP promoted the Finish It Act, a bill that would force the administration to utilize the material to build more wall or transfer it to a state governor who is willing to continue extending the physical barrier with Mexico.

The Defense Department is spending $130,000 a day to store the material, the Republican Armed Services Committee reported earlier this year. Senator Roger Wicker explained when introducing the bill that this was one of the main reasons behind the initiative:

(Biden's) Administration is forcing the Department of Defense to spend millions of dollars a year to let border panels go unused when they could be used to secure our border. It is time for the President to put these materials to use and finish the wall.

After learning about the sale, Wicker called it "wasteful" and "ludicrous." In a conversation with the New York Post, he said it was a "decision by the Biden administration that only serves as further proof they have no shame."

Sen. James Lankford said that the funds raised would not be enough to cover the suffering of the victims of the insecurity caused by those who cross the border illegally.

He also claimed on social media that he had been informed that the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) was reducing the height of the wall due to lack of material, which was unnecessary:

I have been told that DHS has started cutting down the 18ft wall to 6ft to install them in the areas where they need to fill in the gaps. That is insane— 6ft vs 18 ft to climb over is a significant difference and will not deter anyone.
We have the materials to build 18 ft walls. It’s time to secure the border the right way!