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Elon Musk wages a new battle against Dr. Anthony Fauci

"My pronouns are Prosecute / Fauci," the Twitter CEO wrote in what will seemingly foreshadow a new installment of the "Twitter Files."

Musk vs Fauci

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Every time Elon Musk posts a new tweet, the world tunes in. The establishment shudders as Twitter's new CEO delivers on his promise to expose the site's past problems, especially regarding the censorship of important matters or the persecution of conservative opinions that was so prevalent under previous management.

In the fourth installment of the "Twitter Files," posted just hours ago, we learned about the company's attempts silence Donald Trump and expel him from the platform. With a new tweet, Elon Musk has placed the spotlight on Anthony Fauci. Twitter's CEO posted this surprising but succinct tweet on Sunday:

Musk made a play on the progressive gender identity pronouns. However, he instead uses a verb: "prosecute." Musk refers to the White House's chief epidemiologist, who was planning to retire at the end of this month but who still remains very much in the public eye.

Numerous questions linger about Fauci, a strong advocate of mass vaccination and perhaps even stronger in his support for China's explanation of the origin of the coronavirus pandemic.

Fauci's mandates seemed to fit with the ideology of previous Twitter board, which censored and deleted any message, opinion or even scientific study that did not follow the official version of the pandemic's development.

It remains to be seen what information the "Twitter Files" will provide about Dr. Fauci and whether it may indeed lead to his prosecution.