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Video: This is the moment Jack Dorsey lied under oath about censorship on Twitter

Social media investigation reproduces the moment in which the former CEO of the social network denies that there is a shadow veto towards conservative opinions.

Jack Dorsey

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Former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey stated under oath in 2018 that his company never blocked or censored conservative users. A video of Dorsey's testimony before the House Committee on Energy and Commerce in September 2018 went viral again after the latest revelations on the Big Tech' s censorship activities that have come to light following Elon Musk's purchase of the social media platform.

Dorsey appeared before the House of Representatives to discuss "Transparency and Accountability" on Twitter. There he was subjected to questioning by Republican lawmakers who are now exposing his lies.

"I want to read a few quotes about Twitter’s practices and I just want you to tell me if they’re true or not," said Democratic Rep. Mike Doyle:

"Social media is being rigged to censor conservatives. Is that true of Twitter?” "No," Dorsey clearly replied.

"Are you censoring people? "No," the former Twitter chief replied.

“Twitter’s shadow-banning prominent Republicans… is that true?” "No," Dorsey again replied.

In another exchange with Republican Rep. Steve Scalise, Dorsey asserted that any shadow banning of GOP lawmakers or conservative users by the company's algorithm "was not written with that intention." The former Twitter CEO blamed the shadow banning on "errors" in the algorithm and did not hesitate to claim that the company did not take partisan views or affiliations into account when applying its policies.

Dorsey's claims were repeated for years by the company's top executives and by the establishment media; which now see his discourse being dismantled after the publication of internal documents showing the existence of extensive political censorship on Twitter, with a particular fixation on the Republican Party and on the users who emitted a message contrary to progressive interests, which were vetoed in the shadows for years. Here you can read Jack Dorsey's speech:

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