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The Latin Grammy Awards, in Miami?

The initiative, proposed by Gary Nader, has the aproval of Emilio and Gloria Estefan as well as the support of the Miami Mayor's Office.

Latin Grammy Awards


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The Latin Grammy Awards could move to Miami. It was Gary Nader, gallerist and art collector and one of the members of the founding committee of the awards, who proposed this initiative last Wednesday. The awards, which this year will again be presented in Las Vegas on the 17th, could then change their venue to the city located in the state of Florida.

According to The American, the initiative has the approval of a number of influential personalities in the world of music such as Emilio and Gloria Estefan as well as with the support of the Miami Mayor's Office. All of them gathered this Thursday at the Nader Gallery-Museum to present their own reasons for requesting a change from Las Vegas to Miami for the 2023 gala. Musician and producer Emilio Estefan stated the following during the event:

Miami represents many communities, and the Latin Grammys' are a great three-hour commercial that the entire world sees. We want to show this privileged city where we live.

What's more, Gloria Estefan's husband told Las Américas newspaper, bringing these awards to Miami would help the most vulnerable sectors of the population:

Miami plays a fundamental role in music around the world, and if the Latin Grammy Awards could be held here it would benefit everyone, especially Latinos. If this happens we are going to boost the most vulnerable sectors, for example, those who work with Uber, and also restaurants, hotels, etcetera. This is the moment when Miami is shining in the world, and we must bring the awards here.

They contend that Miami is "the capital of the Latin world" in the US

Miami-Dade Mayor Daniella Levine Cava is also in favor of Miami becoming the new home of the Latin Grammy Awards, as she stated during the event:

70% of our population is Latino. We all love the music, the Latin culture, and we are the most appropriate city to host this event.
Therefore, together with a work team led by Marco Girón [chief of cinema and entertainment in Miami-Dade County] we are currently reviewing where this great celebration could be held, its locations, and how much money we need to make it happen here.
We are the capital of the Latin world, and we must make every effort to seek public and private contributions so that this event can be held in Miami.

Manuel Abud, executive director of the Latin Recording Academy, attended the Nader gallery-museum. The institution is in charge of organizing these awards. However, according to its CEO, in a statement reported by Tejano Nation, although he would "love" for the 2023 Latin Grammy Awards gala to be held in Miami, it is not a decision that is up to him. "Hopefully we can do that," he concluded.