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Bidenomics: Tupperware closes its last factory in the US, moves production to Mexico

The iconic U.S.-based company revealed a few months ago that it was in a "challenging financial condition." As reported by The Daily Mail, management wants to "take advantage of cheaper wages" in the neighboring country.

Tupperware Products

Tupperware / Flickr- Phillip Pessar.

The well-known U.S. kitchen and household products company Tupperware announced that in January 2025, it will completely close its last factory in the nation located in Hemingway, S.C.

With the closure, almost 150 workers will become unemployed. They will be laid off in September 2024. The company said that some eligible employees will be offered severance and early retirement packages. For others who do not qualify, an attempt will be made to connect them with other companies through a job fair.

One of the company's representatives commented that the closure is not due to poor employee performance. On the contrary, he expressed his appreciation in a message:

We appreciate each of our valued team members and the many years of service they have dedicated to our salesforce and to the company. Tupperware has always been a business focused on people, so we will take important steps to take care of our Hemingway team during this transition.

Tupperware moves to Mexico

Tupperware also revealed that it is relocating the production plant to Lerma, Mexico, about 35 miles from Mexico City, due to financial problems. The neighboring country is already where most of the brand's products sold in the U.S. and Canada are made.

As reported by The Daily Mail, the move of the company's factories, which have been in business for more than 78 years, is due to purely economic issues, as they want to "take advantage of cheaper wages in Mexico."

'Challenging financial condition'

The company sold the Hemingway plant in 2023, and as early as April of this year, warned that it had "substantial doubts" about whether it could maintain operations due to low demand for its iconic plastic containers and rising debt.

In a Securities and Exchange Commission filing, the company commented that it was in a "challenging financial condition." Prior to this, Tupperware had already received a wake-up call in the New York Stock Exchange, which revealed that "Tupperware's stock was at risk of being delisted because the company had failed to file the mandatory annual report."

With this closure, the company will no longer manufacture or produce any products in the country. However, its headquarters are still located in Orlando, Fla.

Some social media users have expressed their disapproval of the closure of an American-based manufacturing plant, and have blamed the move to Mexico on the current economy and "Bidenomics."