Elon Musk plans to build his own city near Austin, Texas

Twitter's CEO wants to create a new community in Bastrop County next to the SpaceX facility that will be named Snailbrooke.

Elon Musk has plans to build his own city near Austin, Texas. As recently revealed by The Wall Street Journal, the CEO of Twitter intends to build a new community next to the SpaceX and Boring facilities that will be called Snailbrooke.

The tycoon's intention is to create a utopia, a city in which the employees of his companies (Twitter, SpaceX, Tesla and Boring) would not only enhance their work life balance, but could also live in newer homes at below-market rents (in fact, as reported by the economic daily, renting a two or three-bedroom residence would cost around $800 per month).

Executives from Boring Company (the company Musk owns to build subway tunnels) have researched and discussed the logistics needed to incorporate this city into Bastrop County, about 35 miles from Austin. According to people familiar with Musk's projects confirmed by the business newspaper, adding this area as another city in Bastrop would allow Musk to implement some rules in the municipality and accelerate plans to make Snailbrook a reality sooner rather than later.

What will Elon Musk's city look like?

The city is already under construction and up to 110 houses are planned. According to the newspaper, the site already includes "a group of modular homes, a pool, an outdoor sports area and a gym, according to Facebook photos and people familiar with the town." They also have signs hanging on the poles that read "welcome, Snailbrook, TX, est. 2021."

The construction is supported by rapper Ye, formerly known as Kanye West; Musk's ex-girlfriend, singer Grimes; and West's architectural designer. They, WSJ asserts, "discussed several times last year what a Musk town might look like, according to people familiar" with the talks. These discussions included broad ideas and even some visual mock-ups but, for the time being, have not materialized into concrete plans.