Donald Trump is the most popular politician in America

Former President Donald Trump is the most popular politician, according to a survey by Harvard University's Center for American Political Studies (CAPS). With 42% of Americans viewing him favorably, Trump wins out over other politicians, such as Bernie Sanders (40%) and Mike Pence (39%).

President Joe Biden is in fourth place, with 38%. Biden is ahead of Vice President Kamala Harris (37%), and Ted Cruz (36%).

Nancy Pelosi, most unpopular

If we only look at those who have a "very favorable" view of political leaders, then Donald Trump's gap over the rest is far greater. A 26% of Americans see him that way. The only politician who comes close is Ron DeSantis, with 19%. Joe Biden y Kamala Harris obtienen muy buena nota para el 17 y el 16%, respectivamente.

If we look at the opposite side, the most unpopular politician of all is Nancy Pelosi. Some 42% have a "very unfavorable" image of the speaker of the House of Representatives. Close to 40 percent are other names, such as Joe Biden (40%), Hillary Clinton (39%), Donald Trump or Kamala Harris (38% both).

6 Jan, 2021

The survey is conducted between June 28 and 29. The 28th saw the statement by former Trump Administration staffer Cassidy Hutchinson, who accused the former president of wanting to go to the Capitol on January 6, 2021, during the vote for the new president. Neither this nor any of the statements made during the committee about storming the Capitol on that January 6 has made a dent in Trump's popularity. Translated with (free version)

A 70% think that the country is on the wrong track

This is not the only interesting finding of the survey. In January 2021, Americans thought the country was going in the wrong direction (63% to 27% who thought it was going well). The arrival of Joe Biden to power changed the situation, and during the first half of 2021 more people thought the country was going in the right direction. Faith in President Biden lasted six months.

Since then, more and more Americans have come to the conclusion that the country is on the wrong track. Today, 70% believe the U.S. is going badly, to 24% who are confident the country is on the right track. Never, during the Trump Administration, has there been such widespread conviction that the country is going badly.