Crisis at Disney: Company offers $330,000 for public relations role to repair its image

The entertainment giant faces one of its hardest years with the controversy over its LGBT content that has led to significant economic losses.

Disney continues to try to repair its image. If a few days ago, the company hired Remi Yamamoto to deal with "issues-oriented messaging," and now the company is has posted a public relations job offering $330,000 to handle its internal problems.

Specifically, Breitbart revealed, the entertainment giant is looking for a vice president of public affairs whose main function will be to lead a "communications team to assist senior executives in preparing for media events" and "interviews." The base salary will be $337,920.

This new position may be due to the controversy that erupted when Bob Iger, CEO of the Walt Disney Company, criticized both writers and actors for going on strike. As Iger stated during an interview with NBC last July, it was "the worst time in the world" for the work stoppage, and their demands were "just not realistic":

There’s a level of expectation that they have that is just not realistic and they are adding to a set of challenges that this business is already facing that is quite frankly very disruptive and dangerous.

Disney's problems

The double strike not the only problem Disney faces. Its shares plummeted to a nine-year low. In addition, its television productions are not performing as well as expected, and there are rumors that Iger could be thinking about selling ABC, Freeform, FX and Disney Channel. Along with this, Disney Plus subscriptions also suffered a big drop. On the big screen, things are not going much better, with the Disney's latest releases losing the company up to $1 billion.

This comes along with the controversy that Disney has raised for supporting the LGBT agenda. To top that, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis declared war on the Walt Disney Company, and their privileges on their land in The Sunshine State have since been reduced. In addition, the new board charged with overseeing Walt Disney World eliminated diversity and equity programs.

These reasons could all be what have led the company to pay top dollar to clean up its mess. However, Walt Disney Studios tried to debunk this theory. Speaking to The Intercept, an anonymous Disney spokesman said it comes as part of "an internal move":

This role is a standard public affairs position with our Disney Parks, Experiences and Products business segment that has existed for more than 15 years. It’s not new and the opening is the result of an internal move.

Other positions for 'enhancing and protecting reputation'

The Walt Disney Company is looking to fill numerous roles. According to The Intercept, the entertainment company is also looking for a communications executive whose mission is "enhancing and protecting reputation." They require the candidates to have experience "manag[ing] reputation research" and the ability to "develop [a] reputation campaign calendar." Along with this, prospective candidates will need to aim to "retain/motivate employees" by creating "strategic executive engagement plans intended to drive the business narrative."

The company offered one last job, a senior specialist in communications and employee engagement. In this case, the job is as follows:

You’ll interview employees, develop promotional campaigns, and advise on the best communication vehicles to reach employees. In addition, you will develop a internal crisis communications response playbook.

These new positions could serve to ease problems internally with another possible wave of layoffs, as part of Disney's plan to solve the enormous crisis it has suffered this last year.