Controversial Soros-backed St. Louis Circuit Attorney Resigns

In a victimized statement, Kim Gardner announces that taking "one step back" is the "best weapon" she has to defend citizens' rights.

St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner announced in a statement that her office uploaded to social media that she is stepping down from her position. Gardner, one of the first prosecutors to be backed by tycoon George Soros, was in the crosshairs of both major parties, who were demanding her dismissal and, demanding information on how she was running "her kingdom." In the note, in which Gardner presents herself as a martyr, she asserts that "the most powerful weapon I have to fight these outsiders who steal your voices and your rights is to step back."

Prosecutor denounces attacks by "outsiders"

"It is with a heavy heart but steadfast resolve that I am resigning my position as your Circuit Attorney." With these words Gardner ended her time in St. Louis. A decision that, according to the prosecutor, is due to the fact that "people from outside the city" have "attacked" her and the "fundamental rights" of the city's voters. Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey announced a few days ago that he had initiated legal action to remove him from office for "neglecting her duties."

In addition, Gardner denounced that "we have experienced an onslaught of records requests that no office in the country could reasonably fulfill, along with attacks on our hard-working line attorneys designed to demoralize these public servants." The prosecutor further noted that "there is no sign that the onslaught would stop for as long as I am in the office," as a means to justify her farewell.

"Lawless reign"

Gardner's approach was widely criticized for her authoritarianism and her methods. One of his most notorious cases was that of the former governor of Missouri, Republican Eric Greiten, whom she accused of extorting a female acquaintance. The prosecutor went so far as to threaten with a photo that she finally admitted she did not possess. Greiten acknowledged his extramarital affair and resigned, although he denied any wrongdoing. The case was closed with an out-of-court settlement. The prosecutor later admitted to wrongdoing in this matter before a state legal board.

After learning of Gardner's termination, Greiten celebrated the news with a tweet noting "finally, justice." He went further by saying that the prosecutor "broke the law and broke countless families under her lawless reign" and he wished that she "be held accountable for her crimes against me, and the people of St. Louis."