Biden says Iran could attack Israel 'sooner than later'

The president's words come at a time of maximum tension in the Middle East.

President Joe Biden stated this Friday before the media that Iran could attack Israel at any time.

When asked how imminent the potential attack on Israel from Tehran is, Biden responded: "I don't want to get into secure information, but my expectation [is] sooner than later."

The U.S. president later warned Iran about its alleged attack plans: "Don't."

"We are dedicated to the defense of Israel. We will support Israel, we will help defend Israel, and Iran will not succeed," Biden added, without clarifying whether the United States is willing to respond to a potential Iranian attack against Israel.

In recent days, Iranian officials have publicly threatened to attack Israel by air after a suspected Israeli strike hit Iran's consulate in Damascus, Syria.

At least seven members of Iran's Revolutionary Guard were killed in that attack.

This Friday, in addition, Israel's anti-missile defenses were activated after several dozen rockets were launched against its territory from Lebanon in an attack orchestrated by militias belonging to the terrorist group Hezbollah, backed by Iran.

According to various reports, the Patriot and Iron Dome anti-missile systems intercepted between 40 and 50 rockets.

Meanwhile, amid the attacks, the United States announced that it is strengthening its presence in the Middle East by sending "additional assets" to strengthen Israel's defense.