BBC is forced to apologize for lying about the actions of the Israeli Army

The British network rectifies the false claim that the IDF attacked medical personnel and Arabic speakers in Gaza when they were actually helping at Al-Shifa hospital.

The British television network BBC, was forced to make an unusual correction this Wednesday after reporting a fake news story concerning Israel's war against terrorists in Gaza.

The British broadcaster apologized for falsely reporting that Israel attacked doctors and Arabic speakers at Gaza's Al-Shifa hospital when the reality was very different. The network reported that medical staff and Arabic speakers were being targeted in the Israeli army's raid on the hospital when really what was happening was that the Israeli Defense Forces included medical staff and Arabic speakers for this operation.

The BBC attempted to justify this new manipulation by citing a misquote from a Reuters report. They acknowledged in a broadcast that the error "fell below the usual editorial standards" of the network.

The Board of Deputies of British Jews raised the alarm by revealing this error by the BBC and demanded a public apology from the channel, which finally occurred in an unusual event that once again undermines the credibility of the media.