Armed group hijacked bus with 50 migrants in Mexico en route to the border

Nine victims who managed to escape were rescued by members of the Nuevo Leon Civil Force.

Nuevo Leon authorities are investigating the kidnapping of 50 migrants traveling to the U.S. border. The vehicle was found empty on a highway between San Luis de Potosi and Nuevo Leon. The National Confederation of Mexican Transporters (Conatram) reported that a criminal group contacted them to demand $1,500 for the release of each passenger and the two drivers. The Nuevo Leon Civil Force announced the discovery of nine of the kidnap victims who managed to escape and were lost in their territory.

Nuevo Leon attends to nine migrants who managed to escape

Nine of the abductees managed to escape and were located by members of the Nuevo Leon Civil Force wandering around lost. The agents took charge of them and placed them under the protection of immigration authorities.

Empty bus located thanks to GPS

Conatram's vice-president, José Luis Hernández, informed the media that the vehicle left Tapachula, Chiapas, on Monday for the state of Nuevo León. However, at two o'clock in the morning, they lost contact with the drivers. The GPS of the bus allowed the National Guard to locate it, but there was no trace of the passengers or the drivers.

Although the kidnapping occurred early on Monday morning, the authorities did not make the information public until 48 hours after the event. So far, only the Prosecutor's Office of San Luis de Potosi has issued a statement indicating that it is collaborating with Nuevo Leon to locate the missing persons, but they have not provided any updates.