Amazon Prime Video subscribers will have to pay extra for an ad-free experience

The streaming platform announced in December that users who want an ad-free experience will have to pay $2.99 ​​more per month.

Amazon Prime Video launched its new plan with ads this Monday. The streaming platform announced at the end of December that it would incorporate ads into its platform. Users can opt for an ad-free experience by paying an extra $2.99 ​​per month.

Otherwise, any series or movie could be interrupted with a short commercial break. The Wall Street Journal reported it would be an advertising break of three and a half minutes for every hour spent on Amazon Prime Video.

It is true that, in many cases, the ad would pop up just before the content is played, so it wouldn't interrupt your program if you are watching a 40-minute series but this will not always be the case. Several users spoke out and assured that they would cancel their subscription to Amazon Prime Video:

However, a Big Tech spokesperson told the Wall Street Journal that advertising is crucial and the benefits outweigh the disadvantages that it will bring to the company: "Introducing ads into Prime Video will enable us to continue investing in compelling content."

Variety reported that the new plan was launched this Monday in the United States, United Kingdom, Germany and Canada. By the end of the year, it will expand to countries such as France, Italy, Spain, Mexico and Austria.