Two out of three Americans fear for integrity of 2024 elections

Nearly half agree with Kari Lake's song questioning whether Biden got 81 million votes in 2020.

Two out of three Americans are concerned that the 2024 presidential election could be affected by cheating. In addition, nearly 50% agreed with Kari Lake's song "81 million votes, my a**" by considering that "there is no way Biden got 81 million votes in the 2020 election."

40% "very worried" about the elections

So concludes a survey by Rasmussen Reports conducted between June 25 and 27. According to the poll, 40% of respondents were "very concerned" about the possibility that the election of the next federal president could be affected by cheating. Another 26% acknowledged being concerned. Only 15% said they were absolutely convinced of the cleanliness of the electoral process, while 17% were "somewhat concerned."

Concern for transparency in voting goes beyond political affiliations. Although many more Republican voters expressed their distrust (80%, 54% "very concerned"), Democratic supporters also expressed their dismay on this issue (55%, 29% "very concerned").

'81 million votes, my a**"

The second part of the survey asked about the legitimacy of the election that brought Biden to the White House in 2020. To do so, they took advantage of the title of the hit from Kari Lake -it reached No. 1 on Itunes and held top spots on Billboard and Amazon- to question respondents about their acquiescence with the maxim "no way Biden got 81 million votes in the 2020 elections. Forty-nine percent agreed (33% "strongly agreed"), compared to 44% who disagreed.

On this occasion, Democratic voters overwhelmingly disagreed (65%, 57% "strongly disagree"), while Republicans overwhelmingly supported the idea (72%, 58% "strongly agree").