Trump says he will take the stand and testify in his defense

Although the former president is eager to testify, he said he will try to get the cases dismissed.

Former President Donald Trump said he is willing to take the stand as a witness to defend himself in his pending criminal cases. However, he stressed that he does not believe the cases will go to trial.

In an interview Trump gave Wednesday on a radio show with Hugh Hewitt, the Republican nominee talked about the four criminal cases he faces and how he will deal with them.

The former president began by insisting that the legal battles against him are a form of electoral interference and explained that that is precisely why he will ask that the cases be dismissed for political reasons. However, he assured that, if the proceedings against him still move forward, he will take the stand to testify in self-defense.

"That, I would do. That, I look forward to ...I look forward to testifying. At trial, I’ll testify," he said.

Trump did not clarify in which of the four criminal cases he would be willing to testify, but made it clear that he has no intention of allowing any of them to move forward.

The cases against Trump

The former president faces 34 felony counts in New York for allegedly falsifying business records related to alleged hush money payments made at the height of the 2016 election. Trump pleaded not guilty. The trial is expected to take place in March 2024.

Later the Republican candidate was also indicted in Florida for several crimes related to the classified Mar-a-Lago documents. Once again Trump pleaded not guilty. This trial is scheduled for May of next year.

Trump was also indicted in Washington D.C. for conspiring election interference in 2020 and pleaded not guilty. The trial is expected to begin in March 2024.

Finally, last month Trump was indicted in Georgia for alleged election interference. The former president also pleaded not guilty. The prosecutor in charge of this case is trying to get the trial date scheduled for October.